It’s been a while that we did not have a taste of real Rock music. We needed an authentic and electrifying song that would move our souls.

Here comes, Gye our discovery of the day. From a first listen of the artist’s latest track 'Don't Blame The Alcohol’, we felt immersed into an intense musical journey tinted by a captivating atmosphere, electrifying guitars, and dreamy vocals.

The production is professional and clean, with no autotune, and the artist is true to his art and professionalism. It’s a rock jam, featuring some guitar sounds and a sparkling beat. Gye's newest alternative rock single, “Don't Blame The Alcohol” is an upbeat track.

This peppy, synth-driven track is surreal and action-packed. This is synth-rock music at its best, featuring mesmerizing melodies, with a slightly dark edge and an engaging intensity. 

The guitars really amp up the vibe. In fact, this song does a nice job of keeping things dynamic by constantly changing/evolving throughout. The vocals still manage to be kind of catchy despite allowing the instrumentals to take such a prominent position in the mix. 

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