We instantly fell in love with the artist Fallen Oceans and his latest single “best i could be.” featuring Wander All Winter and Daniel Javan. 

The track has an obsessing flow, realization coming from another planet, beat between chill and lofi: the result is explosive. It literally made our whole evening, we could not help but sing it along. Fallen's gimmick entered our head and completely possessed us. The only thing we wanted to do, is listening to it over and over.

The unique twist though is that the song also has a haunting and surreal vibe, unlike older blended styles like rapcore. The backing beats are high intensity and have a futuristic, almost industrial quality, all thanks to the producer Wander All Winter.

Oceans’s and Daniel's vocal delivery are expressive too. They spout their rhymes with and emotional intensity, while also occasionally revealing a relaxed side on some of the lighter tracks.

There’s a genuine passion and charisma in the overall tone. Perhaps that’s because Fallen isn’t just role-playing. He is a charismatic singer that has lived through real experiences, and this is detectable in his vocal performance. 

The backing beat is synth-driven and somewhat theatrical in nature. Overall, this is a solid, energetic, and worthy release.

“best i could be.” is without a doubt among the best 2021 songs:

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