We spend the day, maying under the sun, with JJ’s new single on repeat in our headphones. In addition to being a good singer technically, he has a voice that’s naturally pleasant and captivating. 

Indeed, “My Way” is a beautiful chill-melodic song, offering enjoyable vocal performance and interesting creativity. The artistic signature is quite unique and his musical signature stands out from the crowd.

The sound is colorful and bright and will immediately fill you with positive vibes. Musically, the songs stir up feelings of self-love and youthful anticipation. The beats have that healthy and vibrant springtime bounce and JJ's passionate vocals are brimming with sweet sincerity. 

JJ’s voice doesn’t sound like anybody else. Authentic yet magic, once you hear it, it haunts you for the rest of the day. He is one of a kind, this is what we call a “star”.

Listen to “My Way” and enjoy below.

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