THE KID TZ.  is a singer and songwriter who will accompany us our whole week. The artist, who is also a melodic rapper/singer based in Yorkshire, UK., convinced our ears and heart thanks to his latest project: “Heartbreak Bandit” featuring BrxkenBxy.

In a world where many artists tend to make music with machines, the track project unveils a pure musical gift between chill and pop melodies.

The beats have some spice to them, too, with some complex riffs and a refined vintage tone. This is like one of those songs you’d hear during times of despair when a relationship gets affected and the music kind of help in healing where you’re all pumped up after the euphoric conclusion. "Heartbreak Bandit"  just has that feel.

The singer has his own recipe as he unexpectedly blends a flow with a pop appeal. “Heartbreak Bandit" has such incomparable energy! This is something you need to experiment with, an unusual and never-heard vibe.

In my opinion, THE KID TZ. is not the type of rapper that everyone is these days. But I believe he is pretty good. Particularly I enjoyed the song.


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