Champ T is an alternative pop&hip-hop artist coming from that we have just discovered. Let’s be honest, we wonder why we have not heard of him before as he convinced our redaction team with his new single “No Clutch”, a promising track.

He’s a surprisingly versatile performer, who’s able to transform his vocal style to accommodate the frequent changes in the music. There are a lot of lyrics packed into these songs, as Champ T's style flow seems to never be at a loss for words. My favorite song for the week so far with its snappy rhythm and witty verses.

 "No Clutch” is a magnificent track with hints of chill vibes, and above all addictive melodies and memorable vocal performance that will leave you peaceful and will bless you with positive energies.

The track also shows a little bit of the artist’s sentimental side. On this track, he goes beyond rapping and demonstrates that he’s a fairly capable singer. This single is fresh, and the performances live up to the polished production and stylish beats.

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