Hailing from Buffalo, NY lived in Michigan and Brooklyn, A.K.A. The Truth is an underrated R&B-Soul artist that will have you hooked all day.

A.K.A. The Truth's music is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real music. By blending his powerful voice with cutting-edge instrumentals, he brings the music to another level of creativity and sincerity. 

This incredibly unique, avant-garde hip hop jam features ambient backing music and creatively structured vocal delivery. The music takes the listener on a meditative odyssey. "Open Roadis just very artful and ethereal. 

At Viz Dumb, we are in love with his voice., but it is not possible to compare him to other singers: he just sounds unique. We wanted to know more about Truth’s creative process. A pure moment of music. 

Don’t waste one second, and listen to “Open Road ”now :

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