Creative and original artists are rarer and rarer these days. This is why we immediately know it when we are listening to something special. 

The multi-talented Jake Perez surprised us with “Out of my Mind” as he unveils an outstanding world between chill-pop, hip-hop, and above all an appealing and haunting vocal performance.

He’s a great singer from a technical standpoint, but his voice also has a certain innocent purity. It really gives the song credibility. The modestly paced backing music has a nice sparkle to it, and the vocal harmonies work very well. Taking everything into account, Out of my Mind is about as close as you can get to a perfect song.

The musical style is a spoken-word freestyle narration. . When you blend the vocals with dominating guitar riffs and a drop that unleashes a sound that can only be compared to high-octane laser beams.

Listen Now:

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