Sunday afternoon. Indian Grey sky, grey news. We needed something we would listen to on repeat and that would heal this mood. 

Our musical savior is entitled "Ebb and Flow by India-based producer Vibhu, feat Shreyaa. We love the way the track plays with your head and feelings and the way it blends music of this genre: House, it's magical.

Shreyaa is a singer-songwriter based out of New Delhi, India. On the other hand  Vibhu, a drummer turned producer who blends in the flavors of different genres along the lines of R&B, Lo-fi, Hip-Hop, Neo soul, Alternative Rock, etc. which results in an interesting amalgamation. 

This time the duo experimented a little and came up with this wonderful single. The mellow and minimalist intro slowly builds until the song kicks into a full house vibe melody. The track will surprise you. Dynamic and melodically complex, Ebb and Flow is simply a dazzling recording. 

Stream it now:

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