Today, we are happy to introduce you to our discovery of the week. They are two unusual and unique artistic personalities, Brian Cherenfant, also known as 'Bri-C' and 808Riot is an Australian producer that specializes in the genre of hip-hop/rap.

The duo is up with their banger this year with projects like “Rookie Of The Year by delivering a unique sense of creativity, 808Riot  and Bri-C are the best in their fields.

This jam has a dreamlike and surreal vibe, with Bri-C's delivery fluidly interweaving with the ambient backing. This artist’s style is refreshingly melodic and musical. He doesn’t merely “rap” but makes the effort to actually sing his rhymes.

The vocals are pleasant to listen to and somewhat hypnotic. This is a true hip-hop song that feels more like a genuine work of art than a consumer product. Be ready to dive into a few minutes of pleasant sonorities and energies coming from the future. A great musical moment:

Press Play now:

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