Today, we are glad to introduce you to our best discovery of the week, the perfect musical gift to start the day on a high note. Indian Classical artist duo name Kabir and Arjun have just released today a cover of Bollywood classic song, "Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein"and for our redaction, which rarely reviews cover, this is the most beautiful version we have heard so far.

In an area where artists all sound the same and create with machines, there is nothing better than a beautiful song that will make you disconnect from reality and brings positive energy. Kabir and Arjun, also well-known as a TeamKA, takes you on a beautiful musical break, effortlessly rocked by addictive vocals and with Harmonium and Tabla.

This cover for “Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein” gives us hope in music and life again, without a doubt the song of the month. Listen to the beautiful and talented TeamAK, an infectious gem from start to finish:

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