There is nothing like a music Hit to start the day properly. We were desperately looking for the freshest track, and here comes Braden Ross with his song “like you” featuring Days to Waste and fawlin.

We love the track not only because it features our favorite artists, but also because of the melodies, the vocals, the hooks. The overall production sounds catchy and convincing.

It’s worth mentioning also that Braden Ross gives a solid vocal performance, and the recording itself is technically competent.

The music really has a nice flow, and everything blends together pleasantly in the mix "like you" is a colorful pop song that should resonate substantially with its target audience.

It’s great to see Braden Ross going strong and making music. These latest releases demonstrate that this relentless and unstoppable artist continues to reach new artistic and performance milestones.

Be ready to feel the same:

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