In our mission to discover the artists of today, who will make the music of tomorrow, every day is an opportunity to find unique artists, creative souls who will transport you in other places, and new sound areas.

The best track of February has been unveiled, and it is entitled “It's on You Pt. 2” by WE Junior.

Soulful and jazzy production, perfect rap flow, flawless technique: many artists should take notes…we are just saying!

The chorus is also infectious thanks to an appealing Rnb voice. “It's on You Pt. 2” is a success from start to finish, a perfect musical moment.

The vibe is just very real and has an approachable, community-oriented feel.WE Junior’s delivery is powerful, which is remarkable given that he has a very mellow and sincere style, often coming across more like a stage poet performing in a theater troupe than a traditional rapper. He’s actually an impressive vocalist as well.

“It's on You Pt. 2” literally disconnected us from reality and took us on a pleasant journey through sounds and good vibes:

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