Our discovery today will make our whole day and will make us start 2021 on the right foot. In a sad period, a little musical hope is demanded; a sunny moment that will make us disconnect from reality is everything we crave for. If you are looking for that too, you are in the right place. 

He goes by the name of Mac Rose, and we have just been lucky enough to discover his latest single “Love Me Like You Used To” A banger in power delivering a new kind of music, a sound that blends flawless rap.

The track caught our full attention from start to finish. The epic trap production, the perfect rap techniques, the powerful energy: perfect to give us a strong dose of motivation and determination. 

The best thing you can see in Mac Rose he made a unique style and true lyrical content, powerful messages, and his vocal attitude and authentic creativity: we told you, the man is a legend leaves us feeling optimistic about his future as a successful rapper.

Jump into the experience right now:

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