Our discovery of the day is perfect for the middle of the week. We needed a high dose of energy and motivation. With Kory Brown, we have everything that we wanted!

The Rock singer has just released a new song entitled “Lost Cause”, extracted from his upcoming album “Split Personality ”, and we immediately fell in love with the track.

Filled with melancholic vibes, unique voice, and blending strong lyrics over a rock-infused production, the mysterious artist hits the right notes on a song that touches on a very sensitive subject. 

Lost Cause is the 4th single to be released off of the upcoming album Split Personality (2021). The riffs are progressive hard rock with some classic accents.

Lost Cause is a dark exploratory view of the struggles between religion and the sinful nature of man. 

Just promising! We can’t wait for the album! 

Stream “Lost Cause” and find the lyrics below if you want to sing out loud:


Some of the lyrical passages for the song...

"Sands fall in the distance
With each grain as time rolls by
Second chance is all but gone
As I reach for the sky."

"When the final judgement day
Arrives to collect the cost
Will God hear my prayer
Or count my soul a loss."

On September 20th, Kory will release his new single Dream Girl. Follow him on Spotify and YouTube and catch the official premier.

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